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About the firm

Managing Assets for:

  1. Individuals & Families
  2. Trusts & Estates
  3. Pensions & Profit-Sharing Plans
  4. Foundations & Endowments

Since 1994, Pineno Levin & Ford Asset management has been providing personalized money management services to individuals, estates, families, foundations, endowments, and both corporate and individual retirement plans. We seek to achieve investment returns that allow our clients to reach their financial goals with lower-than-average market risk (volatility).

With this approach, our clients may experience less volatility in portfolio returns than that of the markets in general, helping reduce concern and stress. It also means that our clients may be able to include a greater percentage of their assets in equities (stocks), which historically have provided higher returns than bonds and cash.

Customized, individual service is made possible by our high ratio of professionals to clients. Currently, our professionals on average serve fewer than 50 clients each. So our clients can access their advisor at virtually any time with questions about their investments or for advice with financial-related issues. In addition, the firm seeks to manage taxable portfolios to reduce tax consequences and increase after-tax income. After all, what you keep is what counts.

This website provides general information about our services and people, but we encourage you to contact us at 804-288-3772 or 888-297-3772 to answer your specific questions or schedule an in-person meeting.